Word Lab

Writing is tough, and getting your butt in the chair is half the battle. The accountability and companionship of Word Lab makes it fun and easy.

You've got a novel to work on, and we're going to help you do it!


Twice a week, you'll be invited to join Beth, Cristin, and fellow writers on a video call to participate in a live write-in. Get your words written, ask questions of the authors, commiserate with new friends over your drafting struggles, and did we mention get your words written?

We guarantee you'll write more - and have more fun doing it - with us than you will on your own!

Word Lab is $165 per month and runs on Wednesdays from 8:00-10:00pm EST and Sundays from 2:00-4:00pm EST.


Once a month Cristin or Beth will host Word Bet, a fun challenge to kickstart your monthly writing goal!

The premise is simple: everyone starts the two-hour session with their own word count or other writing goal (such as a number of pages to read and revise during the session). We then have brief check-ins during the two-hour sprint, and at the end of the day, if you met your own goal, you're entered for a drawing to win a free month of Word Lab! 


Saturday, January 2nd

2:00-4:00pm EST


One person who participates in Word Bet will be entered for a random drawing to win a free month of Word Lab sessions. Regardless of if you win or not, you'll definitely get a ton of words written during our session and have a chance to try out the Word Lab format to see if it works for you! 



Bet on yourself!

This fun, once-a-month activity allows you to give Word Lab a no-risk spin!


Wordsmith Seminar

Upgrade your skills and learn from experts 

One Monday each month, join Beth, Cristin, and a guest author or industry professional as they host a live online tutorial focused on one aspect of writing craft or the publishing industry. This is a fun and easy way to level up your skills from the comfort of your own couch for just $10!


All seminar participants will have the chance to ask questions of the authors and guest speakers in real time. Some seminars will also include a live workshop of a participant's writing sample in an interactive, hands-on critique. 

All past seminars are available for replay HERE!


Monday, January 18th

8:00-9:00pm EST


YA author and disability-rights activist Kati Gardner and playwright and trans-rights activist Ashley Lauren Rogers discuss with our own Beth Revis the best practices for working with sensitivity readers to create inclusive fictional worlds. 

If you have a writer in your life, consider showing your support for their art through Wordsmith Gift Cards! Available in a variety of amounts, you can give your writer a free seminar to help them grow in their craft, a month (or more!) of Word Lab to help them invest in their story, or a critique session to help kickstart their career! 

Wordsmith Gift Cards

The perfect gift for the writer in your life!

Book Coaching

Writing a novel is like trying to navigate an unfamiliar path at night. But we've traveled this path before and have a flashlight to lend you.

"Cristin is an incredible book coach. In a few short weeks, I was able to use her guidance to get a raise freelance writing, create a more realistic and sustainable writing routine, and work through a querying plan.


Cristin is great at helping writers discover their strengths and is always a compassionate friend and mentor when you need it most."

Writing a novel for publication can be confusing, frustrating and sometimes lonely, but you don't have to go it alone!

Bestseller Beth Revis or award-winning author Cristin Terrill are here to work with you one-on-one, helping you identify what you need to work on in order to progress toward your goals, whether that’s:


  • an aspect of craft that’s tripping you up

  • problems establishing a productive writing routine

  • query preparation and support

  • mental challenges like self-criticism or imposter syndrome that are weighing you down


In weekly video chats, you’ll come up with a plan to tackle these challenges step-by-step and get you where you want to go!



4 weeks / $495


  • Four weekly video chats

  • Personalized homework assignments

  • Unlimited email support



12 weeks / $1795


  • Twelve weekly video chats

  • Two in-depth 10 page critiques

  • Three months of access to Word Lab, our online productivity community



24 weeks / $3995


  • Twenty-four weekly video chats

  • Six in-depth 10 page critiques

  • Six months of access to Word Lab, our online productivity community

Contact Beth or Cristin to set up a free phone or video call consultation to discuss your writing, your goals and how they can help you reach them, or take the plunge and sign up!



Get an in-depth evaluation of your manuscript pages or help punching up your query letter to make it irresistible to agents.

Beth is available for longer critique projects on a case-by-case basis. Email for information.