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Community Instruction

Word Lab

Word Lab

Month-long support for novelists

Twice a week  you'll be invited to join Beth, Cristin, and fellow writers on a video call for a live write-in that provides both accountability and community.

We guarantee you'll write more - and have more fun doing it - with us than you will on your own!


Fast Draft Novel Course

This two month online course focuses on developing a cohesive outline that's peer reviewed and ready to fast draft. The first month will take you from idea to complete outline, with a combination of instruction, work time, and peer review. Then keep the momentum going in the second month, with Word-Lab-style sessions each Tuesday, where you'll have two hours of focused writing time with check-ins and on-the-spot help as you need it.

This program is not currently being offered, but join the newsletter to find out when it starts again!

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Fast Draft Course
Happy Writer Course

The Happy Writer Course

Join Cristin for a series of discussions about the common emotional challenges of that all writers face. From procrastination and impostor syndrome to dealing with rejection and the ticking clock, this course will offer concrete tips to tame the emotional dragons of a creative life and give you the chance to connect with other writers experiencing the same struggles. This course has already started, but join the mailing list to be informed of when we run it again!

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