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Stacked Books

One-on-One Learning

Work directly with Beth and/or Cristin to get exactly the support you need.

Book Coaching

Book Coaching

Writing a novel can be like trying to navigate an unfamiliar path at night. But we've traveled this path before and have a flashlight to lend you.

Writing a novel for publication can be confusing, frustrating, and sometimes lonely, but you don't have to go it alone!

Bestseller Beth Revis and award-winner Cristin Terrill are here to work with you one-on-one, helping you identify what you need to work on in order to progress toward your goals. Whether you're a first time writer with just the beginnings of an idea or an experienced novelist struggling with yet another round of revision, we'll work with you to create a plan to help your tackle whatever stage you and your novel are at step by step.

Looking for something else? We're happy to set up a customized coaching program for your specific needs. Email us to chat about it!

Cristin is an incredible book coach. In a few short weeks, I was able to use her guidance to get a raise freelance writing, create a more realistic and sustainable writing routine, and work through a querying plan.


Cristin is great at helping writers discover their strengths and is always a compassionate friend and mentor when you need it most.

Nicole Chiarella

Career Planning

Career Planning

For Published Authors

There's a ton of resources and support out there for aspiring authors, but what about for those of us who already have a book or two (or ten) out in the world? We know the need for support and advice doesn't just go away when your book hits the stores.

For authors who are traditionally or self-published and looking to level up their career, this offering is for you. Need a critique because all your writing friends are busy with deadlines of their own? We've got you.


In search of a confidential and no-holds-barred analysis of your sales or position in the marketplace, frank discussions about your relationships with your agent or editor, advice about what to write next or how to approach social media marketing, or any other concerns about your career? Consult with two publishing veterans who have been in the trenches for over a decade each and have experienced our own fair share of ups and downs.

Drop us a line today to set up a free chat to see how we can help you!



Interested in a more in-depth critique? Contact us for a custom quote.

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