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Work directly with Beth and/or Cristin to get exactly the support you need.

Work directly with Beth and/or Cristin to get exactly the support you need.


Solo Learning

Work at your own pace through a series of online workshops

Crafting Novels Webinars

Craft & Publishing

Self-Paced Video Series

Join NY Times bestselling author Beth Revis as she guides you in a variety of subjects. Every workshop comes with a downloadable worksheet! 

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Story Structure

The Building Blocks of Story

One of Beth's most popular lessons, this workshop will guide you in the basics of all story telling. Whether you're starting with an idea, are stuck in writer's block, don't know where to start in revisions, or need help outlining, going over story structure can be the key to transforming your novel. Comes with a downloadable chart!


Seminar Library

Query Letter

The Basics of Pitching

Query letters can be intimidating! With this workshop--which includes not only a worksheet to guide you buy a sample of a real query that really worked to snag an agent--you can focus in one what matters in this vital letter. 


Seminar Library

Character Development

Show Versus Tell

You hear it over and over again: show, don't tell! But what does that mean, and how can you develop that practice in your writing. By focusing in on character development, Beth guides you with a downloadable worksheet in the steps on which details work best for showing and which are better just told. 

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Craft Talk Character building.png

One Page

Condense Your Story

While the one page synopsis can be intimidating, it's a common element necessary for the success of your publishing career, no matter what stage of writing and publishing you're at. Learn how to easily condense your novel into a one page suitable to send to agents, press releases, film agents, publicity, and more.

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Character Development

Dire Situations

Are you being too easy on your main character? It's an easy mistake to make--we love our characters!--but it can lead to pacing issues, plot issues, and much more. Putting your characters in dire situations will enable you to raise the stakes and the tension of a scene. 

Craft Talk Character building.jpg
Seminar Library
Craft Talk Character building-2.jpg

Story Triangle

Balance in Storytelling

All stories are made up of character, plot, and world. But ensuring you have a solid balance of these ideas will help you in all aspects of craft. Use the included handout to ask yourself how you can further develop ideas of your story so you can create a stronger outline or revision. 

Seminar Library

Ramping up the Middle

Revise and Draft

The middle of the book is often the trickiest--these techniques will remind you of how to structure a middle section that will keep your readers on edge! Perfect for whenever you're stuck--in drafting or revising--this simple structure check will keep you on track. 

Craft Talk Character building-3.jpg
Seminar Library
Craft Talk Character building-4.jpg

Self Editing

Checklist Included!

How do you know when your book is ready for a second set of eyes? Check off some of the important prose-level items to ensure your work is ready to go out, whether to beta readers, an agent, an editor, or to be self published. The included checklist breaks it down from repetition, dialogue, style/voice, and more.

Seminar Library

World Building Questions

Create unique worlds

No matter what genre you write, you want to create a unique world that seems real to the reader--and invites the reader into the character's point of view. Ask yourself these questions as you prepare to write!

Craft Talk Character building-5.jpg
Seminar Library
Craft Talk Character building-6.jpg

Comma Usage

Instructional handout included!

The most common grammatical error we run into when critiquing others' work (and our own!) is the proper way to punctuate compound and complex sentences. Not sure where a comma should go? Getting feedback about run-ons or fragment sentences? Don't know how to properly use a semi-colon? This is the workshop for you! At a special discounted price!

Seminar Library

Structural Edits

Editing is more than spellcheck

When you need to do the deep work of editing, this lesson can help you tackle the big project. Break down your major revisions into structural steps that can streamline the process and help you get to the story you want to tell.

Craft Talk Character building-7.jpg
Seminar Library
Craft Talk Character building-8.jpg

Promise of the Premise: Tropes

Instructional handout included!

Ready to take your writing to the next level and focus on marketability? This video highlights the inherent promises of the premise that you give to readers as well as detailing how to best select tropes to use in your writing that will be both marketable and beneficial for the reader.

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