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You've written that messy first draft, but now what? How do you begin to tame the beast into something that's more like the novel in your head? We know how intimidating this step can be, so let us help!

In this package, you will receive six one-on-one video calls with Beth and Cristin tailored to your schedule and writing speed that are designed to help you go from mess to masterpiece.

CALL 1: Chat with Beth about her secret to (relatively) painless revisions: the reverse outline. Using that, she'll help you come up with a targeted and strategic plan for your revision.

CALL 2: Check in with Cristin about how you're feeling. Struggling with procrastination, impostor syndrome, or another mental/emotional challenge? She'll help you come up with strategies to keep your inner demons quiet.

CALL 3: Beth will provide you with an in-depth critique of revised scenes and/or your revision plans and give you actionable steps to move forward.

CALL 4: Start to prepare for the future with Cristin by developing a query, pitch and other essentials for when you're ready to start putting your novel out there.

CALL 5: Get your sample and query critiqued by Beth to ensure your novel is agent-ready, or get you pitch and publishing strategies analyzed to get your book prepared for self-pub.

CALL 6: Talk with Cristin about any of the emotional challenges of writing you may be facing and come up with a comprehensive plan for your next steps once your novel is complete.

In addition to your meetings with the authors, you will also be invited to join our community of writers, where you can ask for advice or support, find beta readers, or just blow off some steam dissecting the latest publishing drama.

Dig In: First Draft to Revision

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