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Your novel is written, and you've taken it as far as you can on your own. So now what?

In this package, you will receive six one-on-one video calls with Beth and Cristin tailored to your schedule and needs that are designed to get you to your best final draft and beyond.


CALL 1: Chat with Beth about whether your novel is actually done or needs more revision. After an analysis of the plot structure and a critique of the first 20 pages, Beth will either help you come up with an additional revision plan or help you identify some key points to focus on in your pitch.

CALL 2: Make those opening pages perfect—Cristin will analyze the prose deeply after you give it a polish based on Beth’s notes to ensure your first pages are on point.

CALL 3: Discuss publishing paths with Beth to explore what you want out of your career—ask those deep questions about self pub versus traditional pub, discuss how to research agents, what to do to avoid scams, and the realities of both sides of the publishing fence. If you know for sure which path you want to take, Beth will focus on that side and give you the insider information to best prepare you.

CALL 4: Check in with Cristin about how you're feeling and how best to target those next steps. Struggling with procrastination, impostor syndrome, or another mental/emotional challenge? She'll help you come up with strategies to keep your inner demons quiet(er). If you're pursuing traditional publishing, she'll also help you get started on a killer query.

CALL 5: Beth will provide you written feedback and a call to analyze your query and synopsis (for those going traditional) or your pitch and marketing plan (for self-pubbers).

CALL 6: Struggling with the querying process and need a new strategy or course correction? Ready to start working on your next idea and want someone to brainstorm with? Cristin is here for whatever you need.

In addition to your meetings with the authors, you will also be invited to join our community of writers, where you can ask for advice or support, find beta readers, or just blow off some steam dissecting the latest publishing drama.


Dive Deep: Querying and Beyond

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